6 items every woman need to own

6 items every woman need to own

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I believe there so many different ways of styles and ways to wear clothing items in as a well-dressed outfit. But one the ways I highly am an advocate for is INVEST IN BASICS!! And I can’t emphasize this enough how much more value this brings to your wardrobe because you’ll be wearing these basics a lot. Now, I know a lot of you already do this but with investing I mean always aim for the price range slightly higher than what you’d normally go for. If you’re a Monki purchaser, go for H&M or Zara. If you’re a & Other Stories lover, go for a Rag & Bone. Investing those extra dollars on your basics will not only give you timeless versatile items that’ll go with anything but also bring you joy for years and years. Taking personal example, I wear a pair of black jeans or a white t-shirt 3-4 times a week. I’ve been obsessed with classic items for a while now, and I’ve learned how to wear the same item of clothing in multiple different ways.

I believe creating your own style starts from knowing how to mix and match your items creating looks that complement your appearance. Not to mention how we all have way more than we’ll ever wear or need and should aim towards a wardrobe with only your very favorites.

So whenever you’re out shopping for new clothes ask yourself ”Can I wear this in multiple different way?”. Look at that item you want to buy while thinking about the items you already have in your wardrobe. And if you think of a few combination of outfits putting it all together in your mind, it’s a piece to invest in.

Below I’ve listed 6 classics pieces pieces every woman out there should include in their wardrobe.

Black boyfriend blazer alt. Oversized double-breasted blazer

For a very long time of my life I believed blazers didn’t suit. Today I can loudly say that blazers suit everyone, you just need to find one (or get it tailored) that fits you well and gives your outfit a classic, feminine yet bossy body. A blazer can really top off that business-cas look and make your outfit look “pulled together”.

Good quality white t-shirt

A white t-shirt is such versatile basic essential to any wardrobe. And I personally cannot have enough white t-shirts as every item has a different fit and cutting, giving you endless different styles to incorporate it into an outfit. I would style this with a mom jeans and block heels with some dainty jewelry for a casual but dressed up day-look, or with a tailored suit for a quick and chic evening outfit.

Mid wash mom jeans

This is my favorite cut of jeans that can be easily styled with anything, while both looking and feeling good. I’d style it with a satin black shirt with a “peeka-boo” showing bralette, slingbacks with heels and layered coin necklaces for a date night. Or with an off-white knitwear, sneakers and a tiny backpack for a “day in the city” look.

White Shirt

The classic white shirt is something I started to use as a “dressed-up” item in very early age. It’s such a versatile statement item and I love how the options for creativity are multiple with piece. I mean there is a reason this wardrobe staple has been worn for years and years by stars like Audrey Hepburn, Priyanka Chopra and Victoria Beckham.

I’d style it perfect tailored trousers or midi skirt and pumps for office, or with leather leggings, oversized knitwear and sneakers for a more casual look. This piece will bring so much elegance into your outfit no matter the style.

Block heel
Block heels are the perfect shoes to dress up your outfit, while ensuring your feet are comfortable during the entire day. Studies even say they offer a lot more support than a pair of flats. The heels change the way you walk and stand affecting your posture in a way so your body weight and pressure is shifted to the front of your feet. I mean why not and this is a great choice for those who’d normally not wear heels.


A pair of sneakers will consistently go with any outfit—be it with jeans and a tee, a cute summer dress, or even with a coord set. And the best part is a good of pair of sneakers most likely will provide you undeniable comfort too. Side note: Chunky sneaker has been seen amongst big designers and all fashion IT profiles have been rocking them, so safe to say this trend is going strong even during spring and summer ’19.

Lots of love
Richa Xx


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