What I’ve learned in my life so far

Finally getting back at posting here! If you’ve been following me on my Instagram you might already have noticed that I turned 31 a couple of weeks ago, yayyy!! I absolutely love birthdays, and it’s not only mine but also when it’s the birthday of someone who is dear to me. I love the thought of spoiling someone for an entire day, and in this case being spoiled.

First of all, it’s crazy that I am 30+ now (out of the blue) like ahhh where has time flown by; at the same time, life seem to have lasted for an eternity now. Especially my 20s have been so surreal, filled with surprises, excitement, love, heartbreak, failure, depression, disappointment, but also courage, deep friendships, life lessons, passion and laughter.. you name it. I’m extremely grateful for all the achievements and experiences I’ve been blessed with, and to have come where I am in life. I believe gratitude helps one grow and showing the gratitude to what life has brought with it is a way for me to open up the doors and the evolvement that I can achieve.

Life has so far been a rough but ohh so sweet ride. The down moments have been tough, but the best moments have literally been magical, and I again feel so blessed to have this life. Through it all, I’ve learned that life isn’t about it being constant but to continuously learn through it all. So as for my 31st birthday and this I decided I’d note down 31 things I’ve learned in my life so far.

  1. Gratitude makes things flourish. Be grateful of everything you’re given and believe in living a lifestyle of personal growth.
  2. Always have a positive and happy attitude towards life.
  3. Negative thoughts and miserability is to mind what fast food is to body. You can have it, it will feel good but you will never be able to fuel your body on it.
  4. Keep yourself hydrated. Drink your water, and your skin and body will thank you.
  5. Travel as much as you can.
  6. Invest in quality. No matter if it’s clothing, friends, values, food. Quality will last you years after years. And when you have it, keep it close to you.
  7. Keep a journal. Our brain is a thinking machine not a storage place. Write down your thoughts, to do lists, errands. Write it all off.
  8. Life is all about perspective and everything is relative.
  9. Love is not a reason to tolerate disrespect.
  10. “You deserve the world” is not the same as you being entitled to it.
  11. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel small ~ ever. Take space and OWN IT!
  12. Teach your mind to be stronger than your emotions, in any other case you will lose yourself every time.
  13. Be confident, no one in this entire universe is like you. Love yourself, your skin and body, inside and out. And show it. There is nothing as magical as appreciation.
  14. Chase your dreams knowing that progress looks different to everyone. Knowing that no matter in what speed but you are moving forward towards your path, your dream… knowing that you are running a race of no one but your own… not your parents, not the society’s, not your partner’s not your children’s but your very own. Having reached this is such a “completing” feel.
  15. Stop comparing yourself to others. Now this is something we see ourselves doing everyday or maybe even being compared by others, and this is a hard one. But it’s very important to know that other’s highlight reel may not be their reality, or maybe the entire reality. We are all the same, and everyone have their own issues.
  16. Set out time for yourself. We set out time for meetings, appointments, events etc through out the day. But what we often miss is checking in with ourselves. Book a meeting in your calendar where you check in with yourself.
  17. Love uncondiontinally. Yes, you might have heard that “don’t give too much yourself to people who would never do the same for you”. No, love with your entire soul as though there is no tomorrow but know your self-value enough to know when to walk away if it no longer is and will bring any value to your life. There is a difference in caring for others and losing yourself while caring about them. Never do the later.
  18. Don’t mess with someone’s feelings if you’re unsure of your own.
  19. Accept that you grow through the phases of life. Accept your growth and stop shrinking yourself to fit in places you’ve outgrown. And it’s ok to outgrow people.
  20. Surround yourself with quality. Choose your company wisely, surround yourself with people as much as yourself (now this is something we miss) who share the same values as you and continuously challenge your growth… to become a better version of yourself.
  21. You don’t owe anyone out there anything. Stop treating people as you would. If they did something for you, they probably wanted to. You returning should be your way of showing gratitude and returning it as though you owe them.
  22. Say no to things everyday so you create space to say ‘yes’ to the more important things.
  23. Pamper yourself. It is so easy to get all caught up in all things life consists of as work, bills, agendas, kids, family, work. Life is all about balance, and it’s so important to step back and give yourself what you need to find the focus again, align your equilibrium once again. Be it with cooking, dancing intensely to your favorite songs, an hour of spa, 10 minutes of meditation, reading a good book an entire day at home in the your garden. Do it!
  24. Only your own thoughts set the limit and can screw things up. Practice positivity.
  25. Allow yourself to fail but never stop trying.
  26. Know your value. When someone is pushing you down for their comfort, we’re talking their insecurities. Now this is a very internal issue that they alone can fix. You need to keep doing you and learn to walk away.
  27. Work hard, REALLY hard. The time and effort you put into your work is what your career is built upon. Don’t slack off.
  28. Ask for help. Don’t be shy of asking for a hand, and you never know you may as well learn new ways of doing something.
  29. Be present. There is no point in dwelling over the past or worrying about the future. You are here for a reason. Be here.
  30. Pay your bills in time, all the time. Keep your debt low.
  31. Party really hard. Live your youth but never lose your morals. Learn that there is a difference between trying out new things and putting yourself or anyone else in danger.

Most important: Stay true to yourself and have the courage to listen to your gut feeling. Energy never lies. It’s your inner voice talking to you, listen to it. It knows best.

I hope you enjoyed this post and do share it with your friends or family or someone you believe needs to hear these words. I also want to let you know that you are in this world because you deserve it, live each and every day of it, 1 entire day at a time being present in here and now.

Now I’m super curious of what you’ve learned in your life so far so do share, I’d love to read about it!

Much love, Richa x


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