Waffle Day

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Hello hello, you guys!

It’s been a hot minute since last, how have you been? I won’t recap for the entire season we’ve missed here on the blog but I’ll definitely recap this week so far with you really quick.

I have since ever had some disturbance in my sleeping pattern during the major season changes, and I would normally get that this time of the year. If you’re the same, you know that it’s no fun to deal with disturbed sleeping patterns twice a year. This time I shared my experience with a friend who is a pharmacist and she instantly recommended a drink supplement I was supposed to take every day a while before a meal. I trusted her words and ordered myself a bottle of this supplement, and I am not exaggerating you guys my sleeping pattern has never been better this time of the year. I thank her hugely for this one, and I’m so glad the supplement worked well for me.

In other news, we’ve had really lovely weather in Stockholm the past couple of days, and I’ve been wearing sneakers & a trenchcoat without freezing my ass off.

However, the highlight of this week so far though was yesterday, my mother’s birthday. I went over to my parent’s place for dinner where my mother also asked me why I haven’t been posting my blog. So this beautiful Thursday, you guys, I woke up feeling an urge to start writing here on the blog again, and here we are while I’m indulging myself with these delicious waffles on Waffle Day!

Now let me know how you have been and what the highlight your week has been so far here below! I’m curious <3

Until next time, much love!

This post contains affiliate links. // Inlägget innehåller reklamlänkar.

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