Workout outfits that’ll make you want to hit the gym

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Last year, I finally started taking my fitness more seriously. I started to eat better and more nutritious food, fell in with love working out intensely and even had a period where I woke up super early to be the first person at the gym! Needless to say, I loved it. And my body loved it too. But things happened, life became busy and I got off track during the holiday season. I started to work out fewer times a week; every morning became every other morning, which soon became every third morning and before I knew it, it had soon been two weeks since I saw the face of the gym. And I hated it and knew that something needed to be done. I decided to grab my own collar and pull myself up and find some motivation. And by finding motivation I mean finding ways to spend money, so I got new workout clothes.

So if you find me with my nose plastered to the door, waiting for a packet, these are the clothes I’m waiting for!


Outfit details:
Hat here, Trousers here, Blazer here
Bag here, Shoes here, similar here
iPhone here, similar here, and here