Best picks from the Filippa K Sale

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Filippa K must be one of my favorite Swedish brands and many of the key garments in my capsule wardrobe are from their core collection. With gorgeous timeless garments reminding about Scandinavian minimalism, Filippa Ks pieces allow me to combine them with any other brand to create a classic and simplistic style. So now when they’re having their winter sale, I’m excited to share my favorite picks with you! As usual, get them before they get sold out!

Eden Coat, Filippa K, here

Mohair R-neck Sweater, Filippa K, here

Willow Sweater, Filippa K, here

Adele Blouse, Filippa K, here

Ivy Jersey Trouser, Filippa K, here

Nico Yak Sweater, Filippa K, here

Merino Short Cardigan, Filippa K, here

Ada Tunic Blouse, Filippa K, here

Willow Sweater, Filippa K, here

Barnsbury Coat, Filippa K, here

Rib Hat, Filippa K, here

Mika Yak Funnelneck Sweater, Filippa K, here

Eden Coat, Filippa K, here

Isobel Shirt Dress, Filippa K, here

Sonia Blazer, Filippa K, here

Outfit details:
Coat Sold out, similar here, Sweater here,
Jeans here, Shoes here,
iPhone here, similar here, iPhone case here, similar here


Workout outfits that’ll make you want to hit the gym

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Last year, I finally started taking my fitness more seriously. I started to eat better and more nutritious food, fell in with love working out intensely and even had a period where I woke up super early to be the first person at the gym! Needless to say, I loved it. And my body loved it too. But things happened, life became busy and I got off track during the holiday season. I started to work out fewer times a week; every morning became every other morning, which soon became every third morning and before I knew it, it had soon been two weeks since I saw the face of the gym. And I hated it and knew that something needed to be done. I decided to grab my own collar and pull myself up and find some motivation. And by finding motivation I mean finding ways to spend money, so I got new workout clothes.

So if you find me with my nose plastered to the door, waiting for a packet, these are the clothes I’m waiting for!


Outfit details:
Hat here, Trousers here, Blazer here
Bag here, Shoes here, similar here
iPhone here, similar here, and here


Best picks from the current Gina tricot Sale

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Regardless of whether you are a lover of a bargain or just looking for a little something to add to your closet this pre-spring season, I strongly suggest checking out the Sale section on all your favorites stores. Who knows, maybe you too find your new favorite piece of clothing!

Here are some of my favorite picks from the Gina tricot sale! Get them before they get sold out!

Favorite lingerie at prices that almost makes them feel like a steal:

Cute swimwear that’ll both your body and purse will love:

Sweaters and tops at a bargain:

Jeans, jeans, perfect jeans: