Hair Care

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You guys have been asking me to share my hair care routine and what products I use for some time now. To be honest, I have been on a “hair journey” for quite some time and been trying a bunch of different products (both when it comes to styling as well as hair care) and experimented a lot with them in order to find what really works for me. And I have finally found a series/combination that I have loved during the past months.

During this time, I have also been eating what I consider “healthier”, not consuming carbohydrates in excess, avoiding fried foods and gluten. Do what you want with that information <3

Here are the products I consistently use for hair care. I’ll be writing another blog post about hairstyling in some time but I’ve not really found the “perfect” products yet.

What I love about most of these are that they’re sulfate-free and do not weigh down my hair as other products have been doing the past. My hair doesn’t get as dirty as often – meaning I don’t have to wash it more than 2-3 times a week. My hair feels softer than it did before – which I didn’t think was possible because I for some reason thought that curly/wavy hair was supposed to have a rough texture in comparison to straight silkier hair. Most importantly, my hair has become longer without breaking off or falling.